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Ancient or recent – or somewhere in between – the past offers wisdom if we are open to its lessons. History comes alive in the places it happened; it’s as if you can almost watch it unfold. Sites of historical significance touch us deeply in a shared human experience across space and time and leave an indelible impression. Ancient sites from the Pyramids of Egypt to Machu Picchu in Peru convey lives lived under different empires and different times. More recent histories convey the horrors humanity has lived through, from the rise of fascism and the Holocaust in Europe to the brutal Cambodian genocide. Stories of carnage and loss, hope and heroism, fear and love connect us to those who came before, these places anchor us in a vast arc across time and space.

The Art of Getting Lost ~ Teotihuacan, Mexico

I shared a version of this story in May 2015, in my first few days of travel. But I love this story, and all it represents. ~ May 6, 2015 ~ Today was one of those days that is so full I simply don’t… Continue Reading “The Art of Getting Lost ~ Teotihuacan, Mexico”