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2017: The Year of Color and Mountains

2017 had it all: vibrant cities and mountainous treks, ancient ruins and unique cultures, joyful festivals and subdued ceremonies. Unintentionally, South Asia continued to beckon. Within a year, I’d spent a month in India and another month between Bhutan and Nepal – my first forays into these three unique and enchanting countries. 

Rain and Stars ~ Joshua Tree National Park, California

I’ve lived in them, visited them, have family and friends in them. But in the past few years, larger cities are not my preferred destinations for stress relief. I’m drawn much more to the outdoors. So when a friend I met while traveling last…

The Mountains are Calling ~ Glacier National Park, Montana

It was mid June. I was facing one of the most challenging emotional times of my life. Every “bad” feeling you can think of fought for space inside me – terror, anger, deep sadness, disappointment, emptiness, exhaustion. I literally ran away to clear my…