Help is Here!

It’s overwhelming at times, isn’t it? The logistics, the options, the fluctuating prices and availability, the timing… the list of things to keep tabs on seems to constantly shift underneath. I adore travel planning – it’s also one of the things that infuriates me to no end. I get it.

Don’t let that frustration keep you from traveling. Don’t let the overwhelming options mire you in the muck of planning, never to actually get out of the mud to enjoy your efforts! If you’re needing a bit of help, I’m here.

How this works:

I strongly believe that often just talking through plans and identifying the challenges that are keeping us from our goals is instrumental. Sometimes, it takes a bit more, and two heads are better than one. And in the most extreme cases, recognizing we may not be the best person to handle a particular challenge and handing it off to someone who is well-versed in addressing it is our best hope of getting unstuck.

In other words, getting unstuck is both universal and individual.

First, we need to decide what type of shovel we need to dig you out of the mire of travel planning. A little information goes a long way, and a bit of forethought will help things along. The free worksheet below will help identify key challenges you’re facing, and also provides space for you to vent your frustrations – what are the things that are causing stress and anxiety?

Then, we chat. Submit the worksheet to me via e-mail, and we will schedule a 20 minute call to discuss what you are needing help with. After that call, I will send you options for further assistance, with pricing and what you can expect, along with a few complimentary recommendations.

Choose your option, or none at all. Whether you’re now more confident and can address the challenges without further assistance, or you decide two heads are better than one and we join forces, or you’re done with planning and want me to tackle it for you… there are options. And once you choose, we take that travel planning path to help get you on your way.

It’s easy.

  1. Download and complete the free travel planning worksheet.
  2. E-mail the completed worksheet and schedule a free 20 minute call (telephone, Skype, or FaceTime).
  3. Receive personalized options.
  4. Choose to continue on your own, or choose a planning option.
  5. Receive personalized assistance addressing your specific needs.

Assistance can take an infinite number of forms. A few of the more common needs include:

  • Compiling research for a specific destination according to your interests and needs
  • Providing destination recommendations according to a known available timeframe
  • Researching flights, accommodations, transportation, tours, etc.
  • Planning a detailed itinerary
  • Making reservations and completing and confirming bookings*

Every journey begins with a single step. And if your steps have mired you in the muck and you’re unsure of how to get unstuck, then your next step is actually very simple: download this form, and let me guide you through. If at the end, you need someone to throw you a rope, I’m here for that too.

Rest assured we will address your challenges and find answers so you can make the best decisions to ensure that your travels take you to the places you’ve only dreamed of.

*I am a registered independent travel agent with InteleTravel, and have the ability to book travel arrangements on your behalf should you opt for those services.

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