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What calls to you? Is it the heart-pounding adrenaline rush of a thrill-seeker, or the scenic beauty and peaceful quiet of the outdoors? Maybe you love trying new foods or attending gallery nights. Perhaps the sites of the ancient world call to your, or those with a significant spiritual meaning. Some of us find the challenging solo travel track to be personally transformational, while others thrive on the camaraderie of group trips. And more often than not, many of these apply, overlap, intertwine. I invite you to explore… explore the paths I have traveled, offering a mere glimpse of what the world has to offer. Be inspired to seek what calls you, and create your own unique path. 

The Path of the Thrill-Seeker

Heart racing, pulse pounding, facing your fears… that exhilarating adrenaline rush from doing what you never dared before. Travel often dares us to step outside of our comfort zone – and sometimes, that step takes us off a bridge on a bungy, out of a plane on a skydive, or something equally as intense. Here are some personal favorites. 

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The Path of the Naturalist

The stunning beauty of the natural world soothes the spirit and reduces stress. Whether actively moving through the landscape or simply enjoying a spectacularly beautiful place, the outdoors has always called to me. Here are my favorite landscapes.

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The Path of the Artist

From the great museums of the world to intimate galleries, opulent operas to spoken word sessions, major music festivals to dive bar jam sessions… engaging in creativity does something to us. It resonates, often deeply, and stirs emotions and passions. It has also often a part of travel – and sometimes, the sole purpose.

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The Path of the Gourmet

Whether its the latest restaurant opening or fried tarantulas on the side of the road, travel exposes us to unknown tastes. Not to be left out, the craft beverage scene has exploded, creating new destinations for those connoisseurs amongst us. Or maybe we just really like the look of that new peanut butter stout and have to try it. Mouth watering yet?

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The Path of the Ancients

I am drawn to the old. The really, really old. The ruins of Machu Picchu, the columns of Ephesus, the wind-worn statues of pharaohs, the temples being reclaimed by the jungle. The history, the culture, the monuments of the past give a sense of timelessness and wonder. If your soul yearns for another time, be inspired here.

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The Path of the Sacred

Stepping into a place and experiencing a sense of wonder and awe, enough to leave you breathless, is sacred to me. Often, there is a religious history to these sites, some iconic. Some will visit due to a site holding particular religious significance, some for the architecture or culture, some for history. But for the truly sacred, there is something special that calls to a deeper part of us. A divine light shines in often unexpected places.

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The Path of One’s Own

Solo Travel. Terrifying and challenging – until you become one of those people that will champion it to anyone wary of striking out on their own. Solo travel has the greatest potential to be completely transformative. Find inspiration, tips, and resources to step out on your own.

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The Path of the Tribe

I call myself a solo traveler first – but that doesn’t mean I have an attitude about groups. Group travel can make the risky safer, the unknown more comfortable, and allow you to step out of your comfort zone in a way that also allows you to enjoy travel – instead of worrying all the way through it. Even better if group travel involves your “tribe.” Check out the myriad of ways to explore even further and with those who will add energy and camaraderie. 

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Paths crisscross our world, taking us to mountains and deserts, oceans and rivers, cities and villages, all in pursuit of one underlying goal:
Experiencing the unknown, and being better for it.​
Kelly McDermott
Travel Blogger

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