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Everest Base Camp: The Highlights, Part Two

The adventure continues… cold, clouds, success! And then the way down…

Everest Base Camp: The Highlights, Part One

Dual Suspension Bridge Everest Base Camp Trek Nepal

Eight days up, four days down, and 100 pages written… to try to fit that into any sort of sensible format is futile. But, there are certain highlights that become those stories – the ones that get pulled out in any conversation about a… Continue Reading “Everest Base Camp: The Highlights, Part One”

Everest Base Camp: A Crowded Path Less Taken

Given that the EBC trek is considered among the ten best in the world and has become more accessible in recent years, it’s popularity is not surprising. Though it might be crowded at times, it was a path less taken for me personally, and will forever remain one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime. 

2017: The Year of Color and Mountains

2017 had it all: vibrant cities and mountainous treks, ancient ruins and unique cultures, joyful festivals and subdued ceremonies. Unintentionally, South Asia continued to beckon. Within a year, I’d spent a month in India and another month between Bhutan and Nepal – my first forays into these three unique and enchanting countries. 

The Colors of a Sunset ~ Amarapura, Burma/Myanmar

Welcome to my version of Throwback Thursday, a look back to a favorite memory while traveling. To launch this series, I went back a year (a year already?!) to August 18, 2015. From my calendar, photos, and journal, it seems I was midtrip with a… Continue Reading “The Colors of a Sunset ~ Amarapura, Burma/Myanmar”